Provides real-time decision support by closely tracking in charts and reports

Labsols LIMS for Chemicals & Materials

Chemical and material industries today are more adaptable than ever. This is especially true in the production of fine and specialty chemicals, where some manufacturers change over production lines weekly or even daily. Within these highly flexible manufacturing environments, the laboratories that ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of chemical products must be equally flexible. This is no easy task due to stringent controls on the composition and quality of finished product.

In the highly competitive specialty chemical industry, LIMS is not simply an operating system for the laboratory; it is also an essential means of integrating the laboratory’s output with other enterprise systems, giving management access to key business metrics across the organization and presenting opportunities for continuous business transformation. Manufacturing success is largely reliant on making high-speed production decisions. The ability to make quick, knowledgeable decisions relies on the supply of information. It is no surprise that the manufacturing industry demands such speed from a laboratory information management system, a key source for collecting and reporting data.

Laboratories in this environments are required to support the production business by providing timely and accurate information about production processes and product quality. With designed processes and improved automation, Labsols offers a consolidated laboratory informatics solution that contains all core laboratory informatics needs for a continuous manufacturing process in a single system.

Methodical, correct turnaround of laboratory analysis and integration of analytical results into the real-time decision making processes are also critical to maintaining profitability and achieving world-class quality. By providing a unified data repository, the Labsols LIMS can boost in speeding production decisions while allowing for process and quality control.

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